Quivira Gallery 02/07/2007

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36ft down encounting steps 36ft down steps 9 feet above steps Arch 1 Arch No 1 note mortar on wall
Arch photo 3 Arch Blue shale rather catastrophic Blue shale spikes up Calcite Dike
Egmatic Stones opening below Egmatic Stones Hanby Stone 1 Hanby Stone 2 Hanby Stone 3
Iron Ring in place 2 Iron Ring out of Wall Iron Ring Iron Rings with Tin Looking down at a 90 degree angle
Mortise & Tonar Jointing Real Sand Dike Sand Dike Sea Life 1 Sea Life 2
Section of Sand Dike Step photo 2 Step photo 3 Step photo 4 Step photo 5
Step photo 6 Step Strata The wall photo 2 The wall photo 3
The wall photo 4 The wall Vertical Wall Wall Picture 1  

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