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Dale Drinnon's Frontiers of Anthropology
This blog is to encorporate my yahoo discussion groups on Lost Continents, Catastrophism, The origin of Modern Humans and the Out of Africa theory, Genetics and Human Diversity, The Origin and Spread of Civilization and Cultural Diffusion during the Bronze Age across the face of the Globe
-Dale Drinnon
Dale's sites provide better than average information derived from current and vintage science publications. He has an excellent archive of maps, photos and seldom seen articles from those sources.

The First American: Chris Hardaker's archaeological website featuring North America's oldest, most controversial sites plus lithic technology of such sites. -- The Golden Age Project is a website which explores the origins of civilization, pastorilism and agriculture from several secular points of view. Controversial but extremely well done by the authors of "The Genius of the Few". A cut above the usual "alternative" history sites.

The Pleistocene Coalition: Dissident views on the age and intelligence of our ancestors, heavily weighted with dissident professionals in the earth sciences.

Ancient American Magazine

OOPARTS (out of place artifacts) & ANCIENT HIGH TECHNOLOGY

Texas Beyond History

Oklahoma Archaeological Survey: Oklahoma's Past - page - Note the rock walls and other formations/structures. - In Spanish but an excellent collection of petroglyph symbols from Nuevo Leon Mexico with a definite Old World look to them. Very similar to symbols from the buried walls in Rockwall,Texas found in 1949.

John Coleman's Mysteries in Nova Scotia - Precolumbian walls from Nova Scotia with geometrical connections to other monolithic sites.